Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A True Story

To say that I was uptight about my grades when I was young would be a massive understatement. I was a good student, but I fretted constantly. I was also disorganized. You know, one of those kids walking around with papers falling out of their notebooks, opening lockers to have the structural integrity of its contents give way. I was always forgetting my homework at school, or losing it on the way home and would have to rush back to the school to pick it up, or call a friend.

(I should also mention that I grew up in a rural neighborhood. This was the late seventies, maybe early eighties, so people still felt safe enough to leave their doors unlocked.)

One day in middle school, I forgot my homework again and decided to call a friend. I didn't know him all that well at the time and had never been to his house. He told me that I could borrow his book, just come over and get it.

My parents drove me to his house and I ran up to knock on the door. Somewhere deep in the house, a woman yelled “COME IN!” This wasn’t uncommon; we weren’t afraid of intruders. But, you did sometimes feel a bit awkward, knowing the person was probably expecting someone they knew to walk through the door. This was one of those times for me. So, instead of going in, I knocked again. I got the same response. I reluctantly walked in and looked around but no one was in the room. I called out, “Hello?” The same voice yelled, “I’M BACK HERE!” Even more awkward! But I started my way back towards the voice. And I didn’t see anyone, anywhere. It was eerily quiet. Finally, I got to the last room, and when I didn't see anyone, I said “Hello?” again.

Imagine my surprise when a yellow and green parrot screamed out, “I’M BACK HERE!”

The next day, I went to confront my friend about not being there, but before I could say anything he asked me what had happened; he had been waiting for me. I told him, “YOUR BIRD IS WHAT HAPPENED!”

He said,“What bird?”

The above parrot was drawn from a photo, free use section. It is watercolor and colored pencil on hot press paper.


  1. Great story... my parrot would have yelled HELO.... COME HERE... except it's more like com mere... it is fun having a pet that can talk :-)

  2. Raena are you saying you were in the wrong house??? This is hilarious!! But the parrot is great!! It's just wonderful! I need to get over to morguefile!

  3. Boyohboy, I never saw that ending coming! You definitely should tell more stories - you're a natural. And, not least, I am absolutely crazy for your painting of this parrot - Everything about it sings, including his expression.

  4. Love this drawing, and what a great story!

  5. LOL! Great story! And you're a marvelous story-teller. :)

    Love, love, love your parrot!

  6. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA .. I needed that laugh this morning. Great Story!

  7. What a story! You put a lot of energy into the parrot. He looks great.

  8. Great story and I love the drawing! He has just the perfect look in his eye!

  9. LOL! Wonderful story. Wonderful drawing.

  10. Great story and wonderful bird!

  11. Love the colorful bird and the story is a stitch! nancy

  12. LOL, nothing like walking in the wrong house, hmm? Beautiful parrot. Glad you got your watercolors back out.

    Speaking of a similar situation, also back in the 70's, I called home to ask if I could stay at my best friend Lori's house for dinner. It went like this:

    "Hi Mom, this is Kris. I'm at Lori's house. Can I stay for dinner?

    Who's Lori? (she'd been my best friend for years).

    You know, LORI. Can I?

    Who is this again?

    It's Kris! Your daughter.

    You're not Kris. You don't sound like Kris.

    Yeah, it's me! Kris! Krista!

    My daughter's name isn't Krista! It's Chris! Who are you?"

    After a few minutes, we both figured out that (a) she was not my mother; and (b) while she had a daughter named Chris, I was not it. It was a very confusing but memorable conversation. Weird, huh?

    Umm... so... with that long story, why didn't I just make that into a blog post? Oh well.

  13. fantastic bird. such great colors and texture!

  14. WRONG HOUSE! Excellent story, just excellent! And a wonderfully drawn and colored parrot!

    Whew, asleep at the switch for a few weeks and you've left me in the dust! Ah, for time. My blog seems to have come to a screeching halt. (Not for long though).

    And I agree about Wil - he's great. And I've been kinda squirming in guilt too about not continuing the Art Exchange..hope you forgive me. One resolution for the year is to do this - I figure I can continue at any time. I'm off to a slow start though.

    Great value sketches in the previous post. I am glad for your very good day.

    And, my story: I received a letter at my house in a perfumed envelope addressed to Fr. Daniel Kent. I opened it up, and it was a long, sad letter asking for help. Turned out the woman knew a priest by that name and sent the letter to me instead. Long story short, I called the local Archdiocese and found him! He was able to respond to her, and he and I even spoke, and exchanged holiday cards for a few years. Now - can you imagine if the perfumed envelope had been a love letter instead, and my wife had found it in the mail? Strange things happen.

  15. Lovely colorful bird! Very well done.

  16. ahhh, brilliant! I love a good story! Beautiful bird too. I read this as I was trying to relax, drinking my morning coffee...what a nice way to start the day :)


  18. Great story and another lovely pic! You left a message on my blog and asked if I was thinking of having a go at the Mail Me Art project.... the answer is yes! However, I only noticed a couple of days ago that they have had to change their submission date due to the amount of entries!! So now they want artwork to arrive no later than January 31st. Just thought I'd let you know, in case you weren't aware! I'm having fun doing my picture... I decided I needed to do something with a goal at the end of it. Do post anything you decide to do, I'd love to see it.

  19. Great watercolor Raena and such a wonderful story too. I had a great aunt who had a bird that would tell you to come on in - then laugh at you!

  20. Chuckling here at your parrot story. I'm not laughing at the watrcolor parrot though, which is vibrant and altogether charming.

  21. What a story Raena! And I was scrolling down and you know what I see? I saw "Holy Cow Raena's work has improved by light years ahead!!!"
    I mean, I am not talking just about techniques and all... it's the use of your tools to create, the emotions you injected into your work... and trust me when I say that I could "see" your passion just from your drawings! I am truly amazed and impressed at the same time... speechless!
    Alright, I could talk about my boring story now... I still can't believe your mom(really?!) is following my blog ^^ I guess my parents are the only parents in the whole world who don't know how to switch the computer on =)
    Got married on Jan 2nd, and yes I am in Cajun land now.
    Oh Germany, the McCafe is trying to up itself to Starbucks' level(never gonna happen) by using porcelain dish. :)

  22. Gorgeous bird Reena and the story is so funny :D !!! It reminds me of a parrot which used to scream "run for it, run for it" every time it heard the milk truck coming :)

  23. Hahahhahahaha! I'm still cracking up over yours story and I am writing this through teary eyes! LOL *chuckling still* LOL. You're a great storyteller and a great artist! I'm so glad I found you!