Saturday, March 27, 2010

And the winner is....

You're probably wondering where I've been lately. Well, did you read that post by Dan, comparing art to dancing? It was interesting, but I was merrily stepping forward without having any ideas at all about dance, just enjoying myself and making progress here and there. Well now I'm dancing and all the steps seem to be going backwards. I felt like I was doing great for awhile and now everything keeps going wrong, and not by just a little bit. No worries though; I know I'll get over it, just keep painting. Oh, and I just removed the stupid games off my computer so I stop playing spider solitaire for hours. Yes, I just had to do that; I was too addicted. And it was getting beyond stupid. But it's gone now. So I know I'll be feeling better soon!

So on to the drawing. I put everyone's name into a bowl, the old fashioned way, and pulled out....

So Pamo, just drop me an email with your address and I'll be sending you Everyday Matters by Danny Gregory!


  1. Congratulations PAMO! :)
    Thanks Raena for your comments and having me in your thoughts. You've always been so kind ^^

  2. WHAT?!?!! Are you kidding?? Well- thank you Raena. Seriously- I'm thrilled. I'll drop you a line.
    As far as the dance- I hear you. I'm dancing too- and have felt very uncoordinated as of late.
    I admire you Raena- you are an inspiration.

  3. I love dancing (not good at it, but who cares when its just you and the cleaning supplies and radio blasting in the back ground : ) I also love music and I like to always keep that in my art... I kind of hear music or see in my mind a dance to what Im painting... Not sure if that makes sense.

    Congratulations Pamo for winningthe book : )


  4. You have to take steps backwards when you're waltzing, and you make turns, and you move forwards. Later, you'll realize you were learning during those backwards steps.

  5. Krista Meister had a great comment on one of my posts. Here is part of it: "My motto, particularly when I don't like how something turned out, is "NEXT!!!". It's a motto some of us art buddies have adopted. But good for you for sticking to it and not giving up!"

    And that is my comment for you.

    CONGRATS PAMO!! (My favorite cartoon character).

  6. Thank you so much for your positive comment regarding my wee little sketch, Raena. And for taking the time to visit my blog. I love that people seem to not mind my art, being what it is, and that I continue to get encouragement. Sometimes I am ready to just give it all up! And I am a spider solitaire player myself. I usually play until I win then give it a rest for at least another day. I've gotten to the point of being able to tell within a couple of rows whether I'll win and don't waste time on a game if I know I won't win it. Patience isn't my strong suit! LOL Anyway, I like your sketches here and can't wait to see what comes next. I was reminded of Danny's style, and another who visited me recently, though he is a new visitor so I can quite remember...Dan Kent? Anyway, I love watercolor and ink so your blog is going to be fun for me!!

  7. Congratulations PAMO!!!

    Part of every dance is done backwards - the trick is not falling while you're doing it!


  8. Thanks Raena for visiting my blog, my large sketchbook is a watercolor moleskine, they come with watercolor paper, yours is probably for pencil thus the yellow paper. I hope you get one and start enjoying the fun I am having painting my garden this year!