Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Moleskine collaboration with Dan, Page 2

This was incredibly difficult for me; I really struggled with what to do. My imagination is a rusted out, 1967 model. The gears don't run smoothly. If Dan hadn't mentioned that he didn't think it looked finished (and I agree), I probably would have just started a new page. My first inclination, and don't laugh because it is REALLY boring, was to add floor tiles and ceiling fixtures.

I thought a lot about what Dan's wife had mentioned...that the dancer didn't really match the 'big band' type of music, so I thought I would make it about music itself. Music and it's ability to transport us, make us feel alive. I painted the music bars yellow to show that it can bring light into our world. I thought of writing a quote at the bottom, but couldn't find a single one that I thought would go well. If Dan wants to do something else with it he is certainly welcome. Otherwise, I'll keep looking around and add one later. (Any suggestions?) Maybe I should just add some grass or something??

One of the ideas behind our exchange is that we would challenge each other. This was certainly a challenge for me! Part of it was connecting the big band with the colorful girl. I thought long and hard on how to do that one! The other part was in the composition. Dan placed his band right smack in the middle of that space. I'm not sure how well I've handled that, composition being a weakness of mine, but I did enjoy, through gritted teeth, working through it.

You should see this in person. I have to say that Dan did an excellent job on that band. Each person has such a unique face. The details are impressive!


  1. I think the painting looks lively. I'm sorry I can't help add anything useful to it, I didn't realise you both work into the same picture. It must be difficult to that. I think I would be so intimidated by someone elses work. Well done to you both

  2. I really like what you made here, the yellow music lines gives it life and brings the two together. Kind of makes me think of that one quote "sing like no one is listening, dance like no one is watching..." Its like she is dancing how she feels and she enjoys every second of it. Well done, cant wait to see what else you two will come up with.

  3. A wonderful addition - and I'm so glad to see new blog posts. I've missed you!

  4. It looks very good so far..I enlarged the picture after I read about how Dan's drawn the faces of the musicians... Real cool... :)
    I am liking it.. hmm maybe the backdrop could have some more drama (only because you asked lol)..

  5. Hi Raena, I like how the yellow in the background music bar shape repeats the yellows in her festive eareings. Lovely! Festive! And a bit mysteriously surreal! I liked your journal entries from yesterday's post too!

  6. very beautiful idea...
    the composition is nice...

  7. I love the colorful music and bird wafting through the picture. Nice addition.

  8. Wow, Raena! It makes me want to jump up and down and hoot for joy! This is so wonderful! You have added such life to the page, it is almost magical! When I first sent you the page, I thought you'd add a banner or a stage or something. (boring).

    I can tell all of the careful planning you put into it. I love the way the hummingbird is tucked behind the band member, yet in front of the arm, he is flattened, oversized - emphasizing the magical, unreal quality of the moment. And the floating tree, and the notes becoming life - music! Wow!

    I really like that we (you) have broken away from the realism - this may give us new freedom (challenges) on later pages. And I am left with the challenge to make the bottom of the page consistent with the top - yet not too busy or distracting. I like Cathy's idea, similar to my first thoughts, but I will have to give this some thought.

  9. Well, you are a telented pair, this painting has really come on a bit.
    Didn't notice the humming bird's tail behind the band member until I read Dan's comment, in fact, I didn't notice it at all until I zoomed in on the picture.

    Love the band members and the yellow music bar.

  10. Interesting idea and I see how it would be a challenge, but I think you've risen to is wonderfully.