Saturday, April 11, 2009

Homeless Guy

This photo,, was uploaded by bboomerindenial. The further I got with this sketch, the more I wished I had started with pencil. Pen is unforgiving and if you mess up, you either make it work, or you trash it. I'm glad I didn't trash it even though I wanted to a few times. Even with all the mistakes I still see a resemblance, so I am satisfied.

I really need to work on my writing skills. I used to be all right but now I am rusty and don't like it at all!


  1. Hi Raena I started following your blog. Maybe you could follow mine.

  2. Great resemblance! Hi Raena - I'm Dan - you visited my blog yesterday. I like your sketches very much and will be linking to you. We can encourage each other!