Friday, May 8, 2009

I've been busy!!

Whew! I signed up for the Everyday in May challenge and then unexpectedly, I got very busy, starting on May 1st! You see, I don't currently work and usually have plenty of time for anything, but my mom decided to remodel her kitchen. The work is being done by my father and me. By the end of each day my body aches so much that I haven't taken the time to do more carefully observed drawings. Or to add color. Or to even look for more appropriate paper. On my last post, I was very excited to see that Joan Sanford-Cook would be watching my progress, and I had planned to start working more with adding tone (a weakness that I had hoped to get her help with). But, I was just too tired to tackle all of that. I am just happy that I have drawn something everyday. Even if it was just a small thing. So, here is what I've been working on since the first of May. I also have some pictures of the work in progress in the kitchen, which I still have to upload from my camera. I'll post them later.

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