Monday, August 17, 2009


Whoa! Things went from bad to worse when I added watercolor to my sketch! I've heard about the wax repelling the watercolor in the moleskine sketchbook, but I had had a more successful attempt earlier on a smaller sketch, so I thought I could pull it off. To hide some of the awfulness, I then added some watercolor pencil. That only helped a little, so I then went over it with the ink. I'm not really happy with it, but I blame it on the paper instead of myself this time. Anyway, the pencil sketch was dull and needed some life. This is an improvement from that.

I forgot to paint the rearview mirror. It is bland anyway...only shades of gray since all I could see was the ceiling. I really really wanted it to have my husbands face in it, but he wouldn't let me move it. He said, "Besides, you would be cheating because that isn't what you see!"


  1. I REALLY LIKE THE RESULT OF THIS ONE Raena! ^^ I have always liked cars anyway, and this one that's on the move, and with the right angle and perspective, it's just so good!

  2. Label it multimedia, and call it a day - I think it came out just fine!

  3. Raena, I left a long answer to your question about my Moleskine at my August 18th post (forgot to answer your question though - no - I'm only about halfway through.)