Wednesday, September 9, 2009

3-D Doodling

Lwatching my favorite television show NCIS, I played with my kneadable eraser. I've never had an interest in sculpting, but this was fun. A sort of three-dimensional doodling, don't you think? Maybe sculpting would be fun afterall!


  1. this is some serious dementional doodling! How cool out of the earaser. Never would of thought it was unless I read your story!
    Good job!

  2. OK - I know I comment on every post, but this is so funny. My wife and I have been trading small "sculptures" made from my kneadable eraser for weeks now - leaving them for the other to find. The one we have now is so bizarre - I am going to try to take a photo of it and post it as a response (if she doesn't get to it first)!

  3. Sculpting!!! Another thing that I'd love to try too :) And I'd never have thought of doing something to my kneadable erasers but this is so cute!
    I am thinking, since we both have not been to any art school, and that I am pretty sure you'd like to try out a lot of things to create 'artsy' stuff like I do too... I get all these funny ideas sometimes, but it's too hard for me to materialize them because I am still travelling around. Wait til I settle down I guess...patience!! Patience Alex! :Þ

  4. This is wonderful! I can't believe it's a kneadable eraser. I'll bet you'd like polymer clay or Ovencraft clay. Both fire in your own oven. Ovencraft clay is like regular clay... you can put it on a wheel, add water to make it workable. It's great. You probably already know this. I could swear I posted this before. Maybe I did something wrong. Or I'm hallucinating! Anyway, I love that little head you made.

  5. Thanks all! Was just goofing around! I look forward to seeing those sculptures, Dan! And I've made a new one. Might add it to my next post.

    Ellen, thanks for the info. I actually didn't know any of that. I've never used clay at all!

  6. NCIS is one of my favorites too. Love the sculpture doodle!

    Dan,can't wait to see yours.