Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sketchcrawl 24...Bryan, College Station TX

Well, I had a fabulous time, but I must admit I was a little disappointed that there were only two of us at my first sketchcrawl. It might have something to do with the home football game for the Texas Aggies. I met Cecelia and we had a wonderful day sketching. And luckily the weather cooperated. The first sketch was done on Main Street in Downtown Bryan. It is the Queen's Theater. Who could resist drawing a building with a giant crown on top. And something I hadn't noticed until I started drawing was that the facade was slightly scalloped. I've emphasized it in my sketch, but when looking at the building, which is badly in need of restoration, it appears flat. It only became apparent when I noticed the shadow at the top wasn't straight across!

This second sketch was done at Rudy's Bar-B-Q in College Station. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to complete it on site because we had a couple of errands which came up unexpectedly. I took a picture of the area for color reference, though the girl had left already.

It was great to meet a fellow blogger/sketcher and I do look forward to the next. I hope this isn't something that is losing its popularity!

Sorry, I'm not very chatty at the moment, I am still recovering from yesterday. In total, I think I spent about seven hours in the car. And I had to get up at 5:30! I might have to attend one closer to home next time.


  1. It was great sharing Sketch Crawl with you and your husband Saturday! I'm so glad that you were able to come! It would have been nice to have a group, but, maybe if we spread the word, others will join in. On the SC Forum, there was a group listed in Houston, if that might help you. Of course, I thought it was great to have that Aggie connection on Game Day. You're way ahead of me. I just now got my photos on the computer and haven't posted yet. I came home to two patients, so I've done nothing but cook, wash dishes, give medicine, etc. I think they are better, now, but one has the stomach "bug", the other an upper respiratory infection. Need to finish up and post my photos and work.
    I'm so appreciative of the ride, etc. and so glad to have met you both! One thing, we did have some really nice weather for this Sketch Crawl!

  2. Hey Raena, very nice watercolouring, I like it alot! I went to Sketchcrawl in Vancouver yesterday too, there were like 6 of us, It was fun :)

  3. I love your sketch of the building. Lovely colours ! You should post it on the Sketchcrawl website too, it might attract other people for next time! We were about 11 sketchcrawlers in Paris, and just like you, I thought it was an interesting experience.

  4. Great painting! There was a Rudy's in San Antonio - are they related? Fabulous BBQ.

  5. These are both great pictures. I have to say that I really like the sketch of the woman (I am partial to people sketches, as you know) and am especially impressed with those complicated hands. With a 7-hour drive for a Sketchcrawl, makes me think I should have considered a 3-1/2 hour drive to Orlando - maybe next year.

  6. I just realized a said seven hours, should have been only five. But still, it seemed like a lot! (2 hrs there, one hour on errands, 2 hours back)

    Thank you all for your comments!

  7. Wow Raena.
    These are beautiful images! Your watercolour really captures the mood. Well done!

  8. Amazing details of the buildings! I love how the sky looks, and the tree just reminding us how nature could be so beautiful :)
    I don't think I am able to draw during a sketch crawl, I'll be overwhelmed by everything around me, and get distracted too easily.
    And from the unfinished sketch here, I could tell that we kind of start our work very similarly. Strong outlines which define almost everything, and then detailing by color or shading... :) interesting!
    Oh yeah Raena, thanks for your comment on my last sketch. It really is a pain to be away from my family, and I really do wish that we have those teleportation machines they use in StarTrek :)
    And uh... I kind of told Dan that we'd crash his party someday, when I have settled down and all. I am sure you don't mind right? ;)

  9. You have a great style - the sketch of the buildings is so interesting. What dedication you showed to drive all that time - you deserved the lovely weather.

  10. Hi Raena.

    Glad that you had a good time on the sketchcrawl. I like the detail in the buildings, the colors, and clouds
    in your first sketch.
    The girl at the bar seems so jovial
    and nonchalant. The scene reminds me
    of one I recently experienced in Georgia.
    Nice work! Cheers, Doug

  11. I live in College Station, if you do another one here I'd like to go.