Friday, September 25, 2009

The only thing I did yesterday...

I didn't get a lot done yesterday, unless you count reading, looking at blogs, and watching videos. Which wasn't too bad, I suppose, when you consider that I was reading another Charles Reid book. And inspecting the work of others, trying to figure out their techniques. As for the videos, well, total waste of time!

This is a modified (almost blind) contour drawing of a pine cone done with my micron 03, to which I then added watercolor. It is actually quite small, only about 2"X 2". Well, I'm off to get something done for today!


  1. Wow! A contour drawing??? Amazing! You did a beautiful job. Can't decide if I like it bettr in color or BW. Both are great! I have never done a contour drawing that didn't look like it had been string and a storm hit it. Completely odd. Yours is just wonderful.

  2. This is quite nice! Simple colour and lines, just beautiful :)

  3. Great pine cone, so that's a good day! Today I did one lousy (not so good) drawing. So you would be ahead in the today's rankings if this were a race. And all that art self-ed! But watch out, I bought two new books today - one on watercolor and one on color, did some unpublishable practice, and I'm coming from behind! Soon, Raena, you and I will be just overflowing with technique! Watch out EDM!

  4. Hi Raena,

    I would have thought the same thing as that Flickr person thought about taking a long time to do this. I know from past experiences that me and pine cones have a very detailed and often, hair pulling time (on my part) together. So your quick and beautiful drawing of this cone amazes me.


  5. It's great - love the pen shading.

  6. It's something simple alright, but I am pretty sure it's not all simple to draw it. You've done it your way, and I believe it's a very beautiful way too!
    Love the background as well, and somehow blue just seems like a great color for this... almost looks like you're looking up in the sky while drawing this.