Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Day for Experimentation

I did a lot of playing today. First I did some warm up sketches in pencil, then I moved on to doing a sketch directly in ink, in my moleskine sketchbook, which I then added watercolor to. (because I apparently love banging my head against the wall!) Then, I attempted a watercolor portrait on actual watercolor paper. There are a lot of things I wish I could fix, but because I was practicing techniques I won't complain!

I still haven't added color to the Rudy's crowd, but I've been looking at how others have handled similar situations and I think I'm learning. So, maybe tomorrow, heh?

The drawing were all done from morguefile photos, except the top guy on the pencil sketch page who was from imagination. Reference #s :159360, 159379, 575912, 184629


  1. Okay, I'm studying that building! :)

    These are wonderful experiments - I would call them successful.

    Back to studying what you've done...

  2. Viva la experimentacion! Like "Art is for the Making", I too am really impressed with the building. You also captured the expression of the guy in the truck I think. Re the last one - lots of times I age my subjects (lucky they don't know). Kids are hard. And value studies are always useful. Great experiments! And, by the way, great selection of photos..I am tempted.

  3. Looks fun! The building is awesome, and faces are really well done.
    Experiments or not, it's easy to tell that you have had more fun than ever.
    It's one thing trying to learn to dance and look good and flawless, it's another to just dance like nobody's watching :)

  4. Great work. It is so good to play and experiment - keeping expectations reasonable. And I love seeing what others are practicing because so many of my sketchbook pages are just that.

  5. You have talent! Keep it up. You're great with everything, but it is your buildings that especially resonate with me (I have a weakness for architecture).

  6. Great drawings. I think you did great on the watercolor.