Saturday, September 12, 2009

EDM #56 Self-portrait

My forty-second birthday is in ten days. I thought it would be nice to get a self-portrait in before everything starts heading south. (I heard that starts the day after your forty-second b-day!) This one is from a photo since every time I do one in a mirror I have that growl look. The eyes look a bit off, I think I've made my pupils too big.

And this is the one that I royally screwed up a while back. I went back and added payne's gray to the background to tone down the color a bit, and then painted my husband. I did a lot of guessing on the shadows and it probably isn't consistent. I like it okay...At least I feel like I can bring this one out of the closet now.

Wow...productive month for me. This post will tie me with my biggest month, and it is only the twelfth. (And I haven't typed the word "twelfth" in so long that it looks strange to me. hmm.)


  1. Raena,
    I think you are too hard on yourself.
    Both portraits are wonderful! The image of your husband, with the colour is truly amazing.

    Well done!!!

  2. They're both lovely, a great birthday present to keep!

  3. Fun to "meet" both you and your husband! They are both terrific!

  4. When I did my self-portrait some time ago using a mirror I looked like a serial killer. When I did it from a photo, everyone said I looked too fat (I was relieved), so if this looks like you congratulations! It is awfully hard to do. I like the compassionate and friendly expression. (Also, by the way, you look much younger than 42.) I remember this picture of your husband, and love the way you colored it.

  5. I think you did a fantastic job in both yourself and your husband. Not that I thought there was any problem to begin with as the sketch was perfect, but whatever you did to this one, it looks good, like really good! With so much depth, great control of the light and dark areas :)

  6. Great job and keep those posts coming!