Friday, September 11, 2009

Soapy water helps...

I hate doing this...posting something so bad. It feels like I'm showing you my underclothes or something. But I have to, I have a point to make! Kathy Johnson suggested adding soap to my water when using watercolor on the Moleskine sketchbook (thank you Kathy). I wanted to let you know, yes, there is a big improvement! The water doesn't bead up and skip areas. Though, it dries very fast, is still unforgiving, and you can't scrub away mistakes! I think it will be good for adding small amounts of color to the page.

And this is for Dan, I'm still waiting to see yours!!


  1. First of all, I just want to reach into the computer and shake some sense into you! There is absolutely nothing - and I mean Nothing - bad about your colored drawing. It is, in fact, great. My wife saw it and flipped out, it's so good.

    Now, about that other matter: I'm feeling the pressure. I tried to photograph the silly little thing I had done before - it didn't work (I need a better camera) - I'm going to try my wife's camera tomorrow. But your latest is so excellent that after that I'm going to peel off my gloves and sculpt, by god, that kneaded eraser, and then you'll see! Consider the gauntlet thrown!

  2. I agree with Dan. There is nothing wrong with your coloured image. I think it's fantastic! Keep it up!

  3. And I agree totally with Dan and Wil. It's like you've discovered a new way of making marks (adding soap) it's just a matter of time to see all that it can do (aesthetics).

  4. Keep going with your eraser, It's great fun for me too, just to look at your productions !

    And I DO like your coloured drawing, it's full of life.

  5. Oh wow, adding soap! Never thought of that :) Ah well, usually I add so much color and that it became so thick that it's impossible to correct any mistakes anyway... but it's good to know that there's an alternative method to spread colors evenly ^^
    Okay, the sculpture is just adorable! I was having Moai statue in my head :Þ