Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Dedicated Movie Sketchbook

I did so many movie spreads at the end of my three-ring sketchbook that I decided to dedicate my next sketchbook entirely to movies. What I hadn't anticipated was the puttering out of my enthusiasm for the subject about halfway through the book! So, it sits there, waiting for me to renew my energy for it. Anyway, this is the first page. I didn't have a two-page spread to work with here, and being unaccustomed to the limited vertical space, I chose a simple scene from the movie and left it at that.

There was some amazing typography in this movie! And some amazing scenes! It was difficult to decide where to pause on this one; I wanted to choose them all. I think I've said it before though, Jackie Chan is not an easy character to freeze--he is always a blur! I don't practice landscapes as often as I should, but I did enjoy doing this one. In fact, I could do page after page of this movie's landscapes/ cityscapes!

Still adjusting to the format of this sketchbook, I started cramming characters in willy-nilly. It got easier as the pages turned, but still, I think I prefer the portrait format. My hand/arm seems to need the freedom in my vertical movements. I lost a lot of the likenesses that were there in the sketches when I added the watercolor, but I was still happy with this page. I've since added some background color to help unite the characters, but sorry, I'm too lazy to rescan, readjust, etc, etc. Laziness in scanning is one of the biggest obstacles to my posting more frequently. There, I said it! I'm lazy! (I'm trying to overcome though!)

 UPDATE: Dec 30, 2013 I haven't been liking my scans lately so I'm trying something different.  The pictures on this post have been replaced with scans that I believe look a little better.

Monday, March 19, 2012

The Last of the 3-ring Sketchbook

So again, the scans are very pale even though I adjusted contrast and thought I had it comparable to the originals...but it isn't even close. If I adjust more, things start looking harsh so I'm just going to leave them like this. The exception is the the desert scene on the bottom left of this first page, which I never went back and finished and is, in fact, quite pale.
I love this page except for one glaring detail that has bugged me every time I open to this page. I love that cryptex box, and only after I painted it did I realize the perspective on the left side was way off. I tried to adjust a little without destroying it completely.
Okay, this movie might be a little cheesy...but for some reason I like to watch it. Unfortunately I had a difficult time finding places to stop the movie to sketch. Thank goodness it was the last page and therefore not a double spread!

I hope you've found time for some creativity in your life today!

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Four more from the 3-ring sketchbook

By this time I was really beginning to enjoy this sketchbook. It was getting near the end but I wanted it to last to the end of the month, so I kept adding pages. I wish it would have held another month so I could have begun the new year with a new sketchbook, but it was getting tight!

What I really like about sketching from movies (and yes, I do sometimes hit pause!), is that it doesn't require me to 'think' much. There are some movies which aren't as easy or interesting to sketch from...for instance, Jackie Chan movies. He is usually moving so fast that he is a blur almost every time I hit pause! Some movies are too dark. Some don't have interesting artifacts to sketch and all I end up with are people. One thing I don't worry too much about is getting likenesses. If I get it, great, if not, move on. Luckily I have a huge collection to choose from! I just don't want to lose the sketching or painting skills that I've built up. So this is practice without worrying about what, when, or where to sketch. It helps during stressful times.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

3-ring sketchbook pages

When life gets chaotic and the opportunities or inclinations to go out and sketch about town are limited, I always resort to sketching favorite movies or youtube videos...especially if my creativity is running low. I've done a WHOLE lot of that in the last six to eight months. So much so that I could probably post something everyday for the rest of the year and still have images left over. I'm not going to do that because one, it allows me to hide the worst of the worst; and two, I want to eventually catch up and show you more current stuff. There was a noticeable improvement as I went along that I hope you will see too. Though, it is difficult sometimes with a scanner that just doesn't pick up certain colors. I've tried making adjustments in Corel, but the originals look so much better. Ah well, maybe that's an excuse to get a new scanner/printer?

The first spread is one I did while watching 'The Pyramid Code' on YouTube. Done directly in ink, so I'm happy with how it turned out. I love any documentary on Egypt or archaeology!

This was actually done from an article on The Daily Mail (UK). Again it is of course I had to do this page. The blue boxes which appear on these pages are just personal writings which know, personal!

This page represents the beginning of a very long string of drawing/painting from movies. Seriously, I did almost one movie every night. Sometimes taking two nights if I've been busy. There are all kinds of shadows in that pipe which I couldn't, for the life of me, get to show up here.
I forgot to hit pause after the first sketch in order to do more sketches on part I popped in part two and did a double feature. Had to get up and walk around for a while after that...too much sitting!

I'm so tempted to throw them all up here at once. Maybe when I catch up, I'll put one of these up next to one of the more current ones so you can see how much I improved on these. I love seeing that!