Sunday, February 9, 2014

Rex, An American Bulldog

Meet Rex. My sister's American Bulldog. 87+ lbs...depending on how good we've been at restricting his diet. In June of 2012, my sister was preparing to move back to the mainland US from St. Croix, Virgin Islands. Airlines won't accept some breeds due to their shorter snouts and breathing problems...American bulldogs being one of those breeds. When several of her friends got together to charter a plane for their animals, she knew she had to have him on it. And since she wasn't actually ready to move back yet, my husband and I drove from Texas to Fort Lauderdale, FL to pick him up and drive him back to Texas. We took care of him for a month. I have done many, many drawing of Rex. You might think that all he does is sleep, but that would actually just be the best time to sketch him. If he knows I'm looking at him, he comes to me wanting to be petted.
I love how regal he looks when he crosses his legs.

Was so disappointed when I went off the page, lower left.

Was planning a larger painting, with the quote, "let sleeping dogs lie."

What a great face for drawing!

He moved while I was still sketching.
The only one done from a photo.  Photo taken in Ft Lauderdale, the day we picked him up.

It never occurred to me that I would like this breed. But I LOVE Rex. He is the most awesome dog ever. I know I'm biased. I have had several dogs in my life, great ones even. But I have never had a dog with a sense of humor. Rex is a clown. He loves to make me laugh. You know how dogs will chew themselves...just with the front of their teeth? He does that to me and it tickles. When I laugh, he does it even more. It's like his version of the tickle monster. And then we end up wrestling around. So meet Rex. You'll probably be seeing a lot of him here.

PS  I also updated with my latest addition to the sketchbook Dan and I are sharing.  See the addition at .