Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I'm alive!

Whoa! So much has happened since my last post--though not much in the way of sketching--that, to tell it all, I will have to break it up into digestible chunks!

Thank you Dan for the kick in the pants to get going again! I had a good laugh when you said you checked to see if I posted, and then you didn't feel so bad for not posting either! Funny thing is, I do the same, only now instead of saying, "well, I'm still a post ahead of him", it's "well, I'm only one or two behind. I can still catch up!" And Wendy, thank you for the nice email and the encouragement to continue! And thank you to everyone who has left comments!

Things have been a little hectic around here. And maybe the weather is adversely affecting my attitude. I'll get into that next time. For now, here is a sketch I did in ink and colored pencil. It is from a photo on morgue.file. (the ones that are free use) Unfortunately, I forgot to get the information about it, since I never intended to post this one. (But, right now I'm desperate for material!)

The next picture is me, drawn by my very talented six year old niece. Don't you just love the expression in the eyes? Oh, and she didn't leave anything out, including the sparkle in my teeth, and the scar from the wasp sting between my eyes!!! (I do have eyebrows though :))

update: found the photo used as reference!