Thursday, October 8, 2009

Feeling Green...

Whew. I'm not feeling well today. It didn't keep me away from the paints though. Practice, practice, practice. I really never liked these sketches (both done yesterday), and adding paint today didn't make them any better. But, I don't care right now; I feel yuck.

On a happier note, I was treated to a Texas Art Supply trip yesterday. Boy-oh-boy, did I have fun! I had heard they had kolinsky sable brushes on clearance, which they did, but I didn't get one because they didn't look very good. I've been told they should have a nice point on them and these did not, so I passed. BUT! I did get a 9"x12" pad of Arches Hot Pressed paper, a bottle of W&N masking fluid, and, drumroll please, a 24 color, full pan set of Yarka professional watercolors! And I do love them. They have a very nice color saturation that I often have to fight for in my other set. I can't wait to play with them some more, when I'm feeling a little better.
The first thing I did was, well what is this called, a color chart? I wanted to see how all the colors looked on paper and with each other. My favorite colors, which I did not have before, are the Golden (ochre), and the violet.

This was sketched on site, yesterday, at the William Clayton Library. It's not a regular library, it's a genealogical research center. My mother had some things to look up before heading to the art supply which was nearby. I made so many mistakes in painting it, that I didn't even bother to finish. It is dim in my room right now (because it's gray outside), so I mistook the purple for green and then I mistook the green for purple. So, I have a row of purple somethings near the fence which did not exist, and the closer plant has dark, dark green on the underside of the purple leaves. And since I didn't like it so much, I went ahead and tried out my new masking fluid on the fence. This stuff will definitely come in handy!!

And this was from inside the library, where the walls were white and everything seemed to lack color. So I put some extra in. ;)

I haven't tried the hot press paper yet, thought I'd wait until I felt a little better. The masking fluid is interesting, and the bottle is so big that I probably have enough to last the rest of my life. And the travel set, I love it. It's a little large, but they didn't carry the half pans know, I had to get them!


  1. I really like your sketch inside the library. The drawing is good and the colours are beautiful. Hope you'll get better soon to fully enjoy it.

  2. Only you know that the colors don't match reality. I say, mix it up, change it around. Feel better soon!

  3. My sketches never have colors that completely match reality. Reality sometimes needs some spicing up! I'm excited about your new watercolors and love your color chart - I measured and made boxes - what wasted effort - all I had to do was draw lines! (I have just knocked my forehead with my palm.) I really like your picnic table, and the I think the library scene is quite good. The guy has such an attitude, and I like the hand on the mouse. I hope you feel better soon (but I have to wonder - how can you be sure you're not feeling purple?) :) Get well soon.

  4. The library image is brilliant. Did you colour it as well in the library?

  5. These are some nice pages Raena. I love the expression of the dude in the library too! New art supplies are great motivators, have fun with the masking fluid.

  6. Sorry you're not feeling well today, Raena. I like the detail you put into the concrete patio set, especially the curvy chairs, and like everyone else, the guy with glasses in the library. Have fun with your new toys!

  7. Thank you all so much! I am feeling a bit better today already. Thank goodness!

    Dan: The chart was born out of sheer laziness! I can't imagine drawing out all those boxes, even though they certainly look better!

    Wil: No, I didn't actually color it there. They wouldn't even allow food or drinks inside. Besides, I was so antsy about getting to the art supply that I just couldn't have bothered with it!

  8. When I was a mere tyke, I had blinds in my bedroom that looked just like your color chart. The dark vertical part reminded me of the Empire State Building-

    a ladder on which I could walk straight up to heaven, or railroad tracks that would take me to the opposite side of the world. Thanks for the memories.

    I love that library patio-those graceful little trees, the violets, greens,
    and orangey colors-that ornate stone table and benches and those cobblestones...
    Very atmospheric and eye appealing.

    Wonder what that library-dude is thinking.

    Cheers, Doug

  9. Raena, I love your work. The "color chart" is so great.